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The Vindicator: Texas highways get landslide voter support

November 6, 2014, by

Texas voters overwhelming approved a transportation-related amendment to the state Constitution Tuesday, reflecting widespread support for highway funding. “Texans want and deserve a safe, first class highway system. Voters have made an investment in our state’s economic future by supporting this proposal, and we must carry this momentum forward into the next legislative session. I … Read more

The Dallas Morning News: Voters overwhelmingly agree to give TxDOT more road funds

November 6, 2014, by

Texans overwhelmingly agreed today to steer billions in existing tax revenues to the state transportation department, which estimated it faced a $5 billion annual shortfall. Landslide approval of Proposition 1 allows lawmakers to send some oil and gas production tax revenues currently headed for a swelling savings account instead to the Texas Department of Transportation. The constitutional … Read more