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Community Impact Newspaper: November proposition aims to drive road funding

October 1, 2014, by

Voters statewide will decide Nov. 4 whether to approve a constitutional amendment designed to combat the state’s transportation funding woes and repair its ailing road infrastructure. “For the Greater Houston area, Proposition 1 could bring in more than $100 million—or even double that—in a given year,” said Alan Clark, director of transportation for the Houston-Galveston … Read more

The Houston Chronicle: es to Proposition 1

September 29, 2014, by

Texans have a cache of stock sayings that often come in handy when they get together: Hot enough for ya? Had any rain lately? How ’bout them Cowboys (or Texans or Longhorns)? May we suggest another that’s becoming almost as common everywhere across the Lone Star State except perhaps Loving County (pop. 82) and maybe … Read more