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    Texas Future is a 501(c)4 organization dedicated to educating and talking with Texans about the issues relating to the funding of our roads and highways.

MEMORIAL EXAMINER: Vehicle crashes cost region $5.3 billion annually

March 25, 2014, by

About every 32 minutes, someone in the Houston-Galveston region is seriously injured in a vehicle crash. More than 16,000 persons were injured and 592 died last year in crashes, with an estimated cost to the region of more than $5.3 billion, says Jeff Kaufman, transportation operations coordinator for the eight-county Houston-Galveston Area Council.  Read the … Read more


March 14, 2014, by

DALLAS NEWS: “As a majority of Texas’ state-owned roads deteriorated out of good condition, the state’s transportation department spent less than one-fourth on maintenance as it did on expanding roads, a new report found.” – Read the full article by clicking here.