The Plan

Conservative Solutions for Texas’ Infrastructure Needs

Our population is booming, and the need for conservative, long-term solutions to improve our infrastructure is evident in every corner of the Lone State State – particularly when it comes to our water and roads.

We are pleased to highlight a significant first step toward the protection and advancement our infrastructure needs. Last November, Texans overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment to move $2 billion from the state’s Rainy Day Fund to an investment fund dedicated to water projects in the State Water Plan.

In November 2014, Texans will have yet another opportunity to vote on a constitutional amendment concerning the looming transportation funding crisis. This amendment is an important first step toward a longer-term, conservative solution toward better, safer roads.

Specifically, next fall’s ballot proposition is aimed to dedicate a percentage of the taxes collected on oil and gas production to the State Highway Fund. It is estimated this will result in approximately $1 billion more annually in highway construction. To put this into perspective, experts estimate Texas is in need of another $5 billion annually for roads and highways in order to minimize congestion and maintain safe conditions. However, this initial $1 billion is a very crucial first step.

As discussion and debate unfolds leading up to the November 2014 election, follow us at Texas Future to get the facts, the issues, and suggestions for true conservative solutions.